Microsoft Moving to Software Subscriptions as Mobile Computing Grows

Microsoft Moving to Software Subscriptions as Mobile Computing Grows

In a bold move, Microsoft recently announced that they are giving away free upgrades of their new operating system, Windows 10. Many users may be excited about this development, but Microsoft obviously has other ideas “up their sleeves.”

Microsoft Moving to Subscription Model

Much like outsourced IT services that rely on a recurring revenue model, Microsoft is moving toward software subscriptions as opposed to one-time license fees. With these subscriptions, users will receive constant updates, while paying a monthly fee in return. Microsoft is not the only company moving toward this model, as Adobe, Oracle, and others have already begun to move to this type of business model.

For Microsoft, the process of moving to a subscription model is complicated, due to the large number of commercial and home users that have Windows devices. Microsoft is already working directly with commercial customers like CyberlinkASP to migrate toward these new offerings.

Security Fresh on Customers’ Minds

One of the ways that Microsoft is pushing users toward their new subscription model is by vowing to constantly release security updates on a regular basis.  This will put the fears of many computer users at ease, with the recent surge in hacking and security threats.

Have Questions about How This Affects You?

If you have questions about how these new subscription offerings from Microsoft will affect you and your business, give CyberlinkASP a call today at 972-262-5200 to discuss your options.