How Millennials Use Technology at Home and at Work

How Millennials Use Technology at Home and at Work

For the millennial generation, technologies like smart phones and the internet are simply facts of life. Because they grew up with these technologies, rather than being exposed to them gradually during adolescence or adulthood, millennials often view these technologies differently than their elders, leading to a gap in how the generations interact with tech and what they expect from it.

Millennials Have Low Tolerance for Poor User Experience

While many boomers and some Gen Xers don’t have particularly strong feelings about web design or loading speeds, millennials have very little patience for poor user experience. If a website or app doesn’t meet their standards, they won’t hesitate to abandon it for a competitor that does.

They’d Rather Solve Their Own Problems

Millennials are far less likely than older people to contact customer support or click on a live chat button. Instead, they’d rather have website self-service functions that walk them through any issues, letting them solve it themselves. If millennials have their way, the era of chat-based customer support may soon be over.

Mobile Is the Dominant Platform

In terms of overall demographics, mobile is gaining on desktop in terms of which platforms the public prefers. For millennials, there is no contest: They prefer to use smart phones and tablets over desktops and laptops nearly every time. Businesses that don’t have mobile-friendly sites or that aren’t taking advantage of smart phones and tablets are going to find themselves quickly left behind.

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