Why Mobility is Crucial, and How Desktop-as-a-Service Can Help

Why Mobility is Crucial, and How Desktop-as-a-Service Can Help

In today’s fast-paced, tech-centric world, many employees now find themselves working away from their desks. Whether it be working from home, at the coffee shop down the street, at a jobsite, or at a business convention on the other side of the country, deadlines still have to be met.


While there are numerous important reasons why virtual desktop integration can help businesses boost employee productivity, in the increasingly-globalized world, mobility is quickly becoming a huge priority.


In this blog, we’ll take a look at why employee mobility is so important, and how desktop-as-a-service can help.


The Interconnected World

Mobile apps more ubiquitous than ever – with adoption rates showing no sign of slowing.

As the consumers that use their products continue to grow more and more mobile in their day-to-day lives, businesses have had to respond in kind.


More companies than ever are looking to mobility to speed up their businesses processes. In fact, in a survey featured in CITO Research’s 2015 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report, 67% of responding businesses cited improved businesses processes as one of the core goals they wanted to achieve through the implementation of better mobility practices.


This means that today, mobility is no longer just an industry term, but a legitimate business strategy.


Benefits Mobility Can Bring

Mobility can mean many things to many people, but carries some universal benefits that many businesses can harness to get better results. Some of key benefits include:


Productivity: According to Forbes, increased employee mobility can improve productivity by as much as 23%– and other processes by as much as 30%.


Decreased Downtime: The ability to work from anywhere means that employees can skip the commute and get important or time-sensitive tasks done from their living room.


Employee Satisfaction: The increased freedom that mobility brings have been shown to improve the user experience for most employees, leading to higher satisfaction in their jobs.


How Desktop-as-a-Service Improves Employee Mobility

Luckily, mobility is a key feature of desktop-as-a-service. Virtual desktops are hardware agnostic, meaning that no matter where you are, the only thing you need to access all of your files and applications is a laptop (or other smart device) and an Internet connection. VDI users can enjoy the full functionality of their desktop operating system anytime, anywhere.


Desktop-as-a-service means an office is no longer bound to one geographic area, making it incredibly helpful for companies with employees that are always on the road. In a time when better mobility means better productivity, VDIs give users unprecedented freedom of mobility to work remotely.


For more information about virtual desktop hosting and desktop-as-a-service, and how you can utilize it to create a faster and more productive business, check out our free informative guide, 10 Ways Virtual Desktop Hosting Saves Time and Money in Business. Start getting getting better productivity and mobility out of your business today!