Music Makes Workers Come Alive

Music Makes Workers Come Alive

A little music can go a long way toward boosting productivity, particularly in jobs requiring tedious, repetitive tasks. Combined with smart tactics such as using desktop virtualization services and other cloud computing options, businesses can get more out of their workers.

Data entry, working with spreadsheets, and other common office tasks can be draining. Even workers whose companies allow them to work from home find these tasks to be soul-crushing. The right tunes can help workers focus and pick up the pace, according to a recent study by the University of Birmingham.

Researchers found that nature sounds can help boost cognitive functioning and aid workers in feeling more focused and less overwhelmed by repetitive tasks. Workers’ favorite music has also been found to elevate mood and relieve stress. Instrumental music or music without lyrics has been found to help workers, in offices where there is a lot of chatter, to filter out the talk and focus on their tasks.

Noise level is also important. Low to moderate levels work best, as loud music can be distracting. Researchers found that high volume music decreases the brain’s ability to process information.

Office managers should talk with their workers and experiment with music and other productivity-boosting techniques and technologies to make life easier for employees and improve efficiency.

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