Myth-Busting Misconceptions about the Cloud

Myth-Busting Misconceptions about the Cloud

If you have heard about cloud computing in the news, but aren’t sure if it would work for you or your business, you are not alone. With the migration to the cloud, there has been a large amount of misinformation that has scared some individuals and businesses into avoiding the huge benefits that can be seen by moving certain business information and processes to the cloud. In this blog we’ll try to debunk some of these common misconceptions about the cloud.

Cloud Computing Is Only for High Tech Companies

If you use any type of computer equipment and software in your business, chances are that you can benefit from virtualization through cloud computing. Just because you don’t consider your company to be “high-tech,” you still can benefit from a centralization of your computer systems, which can then allow you to access your computers and data from anywhere at any time.

Security Is a Huge Risk

While some IT professionals and company executives may be worried about moving critical applications and data to the cloud, these worries are often unfounded. In fact, the major cloud providers typically have much more robust security policies in place than small businesses. The greatest risk is using the public Internet to access a cloud vendor.  Companies can utilize private cloud networks to circumvent this risk.

Ready to Investigate Your Options for Moving to the Cloud?

If this blog has piqued your interest in looking for how the cloud and virtualization can improve efficiencies at your business, it’s likely time to contact a professional cloud provider like CyberlinkASP that has been in the industry for decades. To speak with someone who can transparently walk you through how the cloud may be able to help your business, give us a call today at 972-993-5105.