6 Operational Benefits of Desktop Hosting for SMBs

Operational Benefits of Desktop Hosting for SMBs

6 Operational Benefits of Desktop Hosting for SMBs

As an owner or decision maker of a small to medium sized business, you have to find a way to get a leg up on the competition wherever you can. With cloud computing now fully matured, digitization has become an operational necessity, enabling you to manage your growing business and employees from any smart device, from anywhere. You need to be able to pull up your email, manage your calendar, schedule staff meetings and make informed strategy decisions by accessing your desktop and mission-critical data wherever you have an Internet connection.

With that in mind here are 6 Operational Benefits of Desktop Hosting for SMBs:

    • Scalable – Add and remove users based on your needs with predictable monthly pricing.
    • Optimize network resources – SMB internal network infrastructure is already often stretched thin, boost efficiency and free up bandwidth with hosted DaaS.
    • Easily adapt to changes and integrate new systems – with hosting services for DaaS you can quickly expand your IT portfolio by adding application integrations.
    • Remote access and Workforce Flexibility – You and your team have access to vital documents, files and applications remotely so that you can get the job done from wherever you are.
    • Collaboration – Staff at a small business has to be versatile and giving them the tools to collaborate remotely is a win-win for the team and your bottom line.
    • Increase efficiency – Perhaps this goes without saying, but the above benefits, along with increased mobility and work-from-home capabilities that come with desktop virtualization will maximize efficiency from the front office to the shop floor.

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