How to Avoid Jetlag as a Frequent Business Traveler

How to Avoid Jetlag as a Frequent Business Traveler

Frequent business travelers tend to rely on technology like virtual desktops to keep them in the real time loop as they travel, yet some neglect to take steps to manage their own health at the same time as they manage their business dealings. In the end, the consequences could be that the individual suffers and eventually this reflects on the business. That’s one of the reasons why taking steps to avoid jetlag is so important.  Use these tips to help avoid jetlag on your next cross country or international flight.

Adjust Sleep

Jetlag can make you feel tired and groggy as you adjust to the new time zone. You don’t just need plenty of rest, but a schedule of rest that corresponds with the time zone you’ll be working in. Try to gradually adjust your sleep schedule by going to sleep an hour earlier or later, depending on where you’re going. So, if the place you are going is 8 hours ahead, start adjusting your schedule 8 days in advance, by going to bed an hour earlier each night for those 8 days.

Adjust Diet

Because your sleep schedule is going to change, your diet may change as well. Lack of nutrients due to eating plane food and lack of hydration can cause significant changes in how you feel and perform. Doing things like cutting back on your coffee intake as you adjust your sleep schedule will help you stay in optimal shape. Bring nutritious food on the plane instead of eating prepackaged plane food.

Your remote desktop service allows you to work when you need to, but avoiding jetlag helps you to work the way you need to.