Questions to Ask about IT Outsourcing

Questions to Ask about IT Outsourcing

With advances in technology and consumer habits come new ways of accomplishing IT tasks. Outsourcing IT, whether partially or in-whole, has become an efficient and cost conscious way to do business. To ensure a smooth transfer from traditional IT to cloud-based solutions, you need to keep several things in mind.

Take Precautions with Security

The first concern that always arises about cloud-based IT is security. Make sure your applications services provider (ASP) takes security seriously. Encryption, physical security, and compliance policies all need to be taken into account.

Disaster Recovery

How will the ASP protect data integrity? Are there backup and disaster recovery plans in place? Are there backups for the backups in a remote location? These issues need to be determined before making a choice in a cloud-based provider.

Network Performance Monitoring and Management

Find out what monitoring processes are provided, especially with mission critical services. Continual monitoring to maintain reliability is critical for reducing costly downtime and data loss.

How Does Virtual Desktop Integration Affect User Experience?

Questions to ask about the ASP’s VDI solutions would include:

– How is licensing handled?

– What is the process for application deployment?

– How seamless is desktop layout and application services from on-site to the virtual desktop?

– Are enough resources in place to handle the workflow?

– What support is available to ease transition?

CyberlinkASP Can Help Provide Answers

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