Remote Desktop Services and Tech Support

Remote Desktop Services and Tech Support

The number of reasons a company may need remote desktop services continues to grow as more and more companies switch to software as a service.

In the past, as the ubiquity of computers grew, most computer software providers sold their software on a hard disk, or then on a cd/dvd, and end users needed to load the software directly onto their office computers, taking up valuable space on the hard drive. They also required the company to purchase regular updates to the software whenever a bug was detected or a new feature added.

But, in recent years, the internet has changed that. Most software is now available as web-based content and software is sold as a service. That means instead of buying a disk and installing it on an individual computer, the business or individual buys access to the program. When the program is used, it links to the web, and the user has access to all the updates to the software immediately.

This makes it much easier for businesses to keep up with the newest version of software, making them much more resistant to hacking and malware. But it also means that, on occasion, the user will need tech support. Once of the fastest and best forms of tech support today is through remote desktop services.

With remote access, the company providing the software can see the user’s computer screen and make whatever adjustments are necessary, instead of asking the user to make the changes. That means the user isn’t hunting around for the right buttons to click and potentially messing up the system even more.

Remote desktop services are a basic necessity when dealing with software as a service.