Remote Working Tips to Impress your Bosses

Remote Working Tips to Impress your Bosses

We are few months into the quarantine now we have all had to adjust to the idea of not going to a physical office. Now it’s time start making the most out of telework, keep your foot on the gas and ensure future success. In this post we will look at remote working tips to impress your bosses, but first lets take a look at some of the way companies benefit from telework:

  • Reduce cost and time of a daily commute
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs and maintenance of office infrastructure
  • Increase employee ability to customize workspace to best fit needs and working habits

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6 Remote Working Tips to Impress your Bosses

1. Get Reliable Internet Service
Is your connectivity spotty in the best of times… how does it perform with large workloads? Staring at a spinning wheel while you wait for your critical apps to load is not only annoying, it interferes with your performance.

Whether it means changing internet service providers or troubleshooting your home Wi-Fi network, doing everything you can to boost the reliability of your connectivity is critical. In this new work-from-world, spotty internet can impede your success and slow down your career.

2. Setup Your Office with Productivity In Mind
This can require some setup costs, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Ergonomic changes like a comfortable chair, correct monitor height and desk position are going to have huge impacts on your working stamina. Search the internet for pro tips on quick tips for your ergonomic desk setup and be creative. If you need to raise your monitor but you’re short on cash for a swing arm or other mount, use a stack of books. String up old Christmas lights to create a softer light source. It’s about knowing what you need and being creative in the execution.

Basic office supplies like pens and paper, and other tools like planners and whiteboards should be put within a chair-swivel. It’s frustrating and a time waster to have to go digging through drawers every time you need a paperclip, so organization is critical.

3. Be Flexible
The benefits of working from home for workers are many and a flexible schedule is at the top of the list. Of course, that flexibility has to go both ways if you want to make a great impression with your superiors and coworkers, especially during a crisis. Be willing to hop online and complete a task during off hours (within reason) and do tasks that aren’t in your job description when team members are out sick or otherwise unavailable. No one likes to work whil sick, but if there is one place you can work through the sniffles, it’s your home office. Be willing to work mild colds, but always put your health first.

4. Get Really Good at Virtual Collaboration
Even if you are a digital native, there is always room to improve how you collaborate online. Learn to use your apps like Teams and Zoom really well. Find tips and videos on how to collaborate virtually, including etiquette, strategy and tech tips for winning on virtual meetings.

5. Teleworking is Dynamic
Think about teleworking as a dynamic scenario and be willing to continually evaluate and adapt. Whether you move furniture for better feng shui, test out a power nap or switch from coffee to tea in the afternoon, it is important to always be measuring your productivity and seeking ways to boost it.

6. Self-Starters are Self-Disciplined
To win as a remote employee, you have to take initiative and continually prove your ability to perform your job from anywhere. It takes a lot of trust for an employer to work with remote employees and they are keenly alert to signs of unproductive work habits. The first step to being proactive and disciplined is setting daily, weekly and monthly goals and creating a plan to achieve them. Checkout these 7 Tips for Keeping Your Sanity And Staying On Task While Teleworking