Save Money on Office Supplies

Save Money on Office Supplies

In today’s technological world, some office supplies aren’t even necessary in their traditional form. You can save your company a ton of money if you just use a different version of the office supplies you’re familiar with and which you rely on the most — like choosing virtual desktops over traditional methods.

Looking for new computers, but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Tax deductible, or not, you don’t want to spend more than you have to on a new system. Be careful to get only the requirements you need and take advantage of services offered. For example, using a virtual desktop instead of saving everything in your own server or computer means that you don’t have the memory requirements you would otherwise need. And virtual desktops are just the tip of the iceberg! Use some of the applications below to reduce the amount of office supplies you have to buy:

  • Virtual sticky notes on your desktops, instead of physical sticky notes
  • Instant messages, when you take a phone message, instead of writing on a notepad
  • Computerized time clocks, instead of punching a paper
  • Free calendar apps, instead of using a paper calendar on your desk

None of these items are expensive in their traditional form, but those small amounts add up. On top of that, by offering your employees things like a virtual desktop, you can avoid the overhead that it costs to run a brick and mortar office, while becoming more efficient in the process.

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