Seven Affirmations for Workplace Happiness

Seven Affirmations for Workplace Happiness

The modern workplace can be stressful, as the advantages of modern technology—such as virtual desktops—make us available 24/7, whether we like it or not. Positive affirmations can help employees stay optimistic and avoid letting workplace stress get them down.

Positive affirmations are phrases that we repeat to ourselves that help us to visualize our best selves or our ideal situations. The theory behind positive affirmations is that they shift our thinking into positive patterns that allow us to remain upbeat in tough situations and make the most of opportunities that present themselves to us.

The following are a few positive affirmations that can help workers see the silver lining even in the darkest clouds:

  • I strive each day to do the best job that I possibly can.
  • Today’s activities are stepping stones to tomorrow’s big goals.
  • I enjoy communicating with all of my colleagues at work. I find getting along with others to be easy.
  • Completing tasks on time is fun and rewarding.
  • It’s a pleasure to help customers resolve their problems.
  • Contributing to the success of the team is something I find personally rewarding.
  • I enjoy mastering the new challenges that my work presents to me.

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