Should You Host Your ERP System Off Site?

Should You Host Your ERP System Off Site?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is all the rage in the business world these days.  ERP software has been around for a number of years and was built to help companies improve various processes that exist both internally within their organization and externally with how they deal with outside customers.  Many times using one of these tools can help to streamline certain processes that in the past took far too long to complete.  Companies that have implemented an ERP system have often seen results in a very short time.  ERP solutions can be installed both on premises as well as off site.  There are several reasons why hosting your ERP system off site can benefit you.


When your company decides to adopt a system which completely revolutionizes your company processes, it is important that this system be up 24/7.  This can allow work to be done at any time of the day no matter what time zone you or your coworkers are located in at the moment.  Off site application hosting providers pride themselves in having an extremely high uptime rate.

No Hardware to Manage

If you choose to install ERP software at your location, you will also have to constantly ensure that all of your hardware is functioning as expected.  This can be difficult and can take you away from what you do best – running your business.  Do not let computers take up so much of your time that you begin to lose sight of your company purpose.

Keep these tips in mind when deciding whether to host your ERP software on site or off site.  Application hosting providers will tell you that maintaining your own hardware can be quite challenging.