Off-Site Data Centers Provide Best Protection

Off-Site Data Centers Provide Best Protection

No matter where in the world your company is located, natural and manmade disasters are a threat to your business, but you can always protect your data from that threat with the use of a data center service.

More and more companies are learning the folly of storing all the copies of important company data in a single place. Whether it’s an earthquake or hurricane, or an electrical fire, a disaster can destroy your computer systems and take your data with it. Backing up your data to the cloud sounds like a good idea until you remember that even cloud storage requires the presence of data center service somewhere.

That’s why it’s important for your business to investigate where the data you save is being physically stored. Several years ago, a fire at a data service in the Pacific Northwest caused headaches for credit card processors around the world for several hours; their processing capability was suddenly down.

Losing even a few hours of sales or the complete loss of company data can be absolutely devastating to most companies. You need to be sure that your business will not have a similar problem.

To do that, investigate the data centers where your information is stored. Does the center have battery backups and backup generators? The best data centers have buildings built to the highest standards to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, and more. Some have significant fire suppression systems designed to prevent the spread of a fire without destroying valuable servers.

Finally, you need to ask what types of security your data centers offer. While data security is a vital consideration, physical security is important, as well. After all, one physical breach could spell disaster just as quickly as a data breach could.