Small Business Network Monitoring

Small Business Network Monitoring

Almost every business in the world relies, to some degree, on the Internet to make things happen. Whether it’s for ordering supplies, or reaching out to customers, your Internet presence and internal system needs network performance monitoring.

For small mom and pop businesses, and even some larger corporations, the finance and expertise required for in-house network performance monitoring is simply not available. But that doesn’t mean your network security is any less important. You want to protect yourself and your customers, but relying on anti-virus software and spyware probably isn’t going to be enough.

At the same time, the protection you need to keep hackers out of your system and prevent employees from doing stupid things that compromising the system – even just little compromises that lead to system slowdown – can seem out of reach.

Thankfully, there are off-site network monitoring companies that can provide the security your business needs at a price that won’t send you into bankruptcy.

What should your monitoring company handle? Obviously, the first priority is keeping people and viruses that don’t belong there out of your network. Software is the first line of defense, but physical security to prevent someone from showing up at your door and accessing your system is also important. The monitoring team will help establish protocols for computer use and developing system passwords.

Additionally, a good company will help you determine where additional encryption for your data is needed and will help with its installation. The company will manage your data integrity and let you know when the system is not working quite right.