Small Business Offers Ripe Opportunity for Hackers

Small Business Offers Ripe Opportunity for Hackers

You don’t have to be a multimillion dollar company to fall victim to a data breach or malicious hacking. As the tools and expertise to commit online crime become more widespread, small businesses are also falling victim to hacking. Fortunately, small businesses can greatly reduce their risk of online perils by adopting a few simple practices, including using cloud services.

For starters, you should evaluate your staff and consider what their information needs are. Limit your company’s access to critical or proprietary information to only those who need access to this data.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how many businesses don’t use anti-virus software. Computer viruses can not only slow productivity to a halt, they can also give hackers access to your information. Make sure all computers at your businesses are equipped with anti-virus software. Also ensure that the software is regularly updated.

If you’re using Wi-Fi (and who isn’t?), be sure that your network is a WPA2 instead of the old WEP network. This network is more secure. Also, be sure to have a strong password for your network, and change it regularly.

Lastly, be sure to regularly update data to cloud services to ensure you can recover from any data breach or other disaster that may befall your company.

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