SMBs Can Go Cloud with Minimal Strain

Cyberlinkasp SMBs Can Go Cloud

SMBs Can Go Cloud with Minimal Strain

Until recently, the life of a small business owner involved a lot of time on-the-go, whether sprinting across town for meetings, networking at conventions or travelling to scout new markets.

Since shelter in place orders were issued in reaction to the current health crisis, SMB owners have to get the same amount of work accomplished while spending as little time possible on-the-go.

With no solid date of when workers will start returning to offices, many owners have had to go cloud and develop a successful work-from-home strategies practically overnight.

While SMBs face new challenges there is fortunately technology available to help manage your business and employees from home, but in times of strain, implementing brand new systems like Cloud ERP solutions can be an additional strain that some businesses can’t handle.

If you need to go cloud fast but investing in all new solutions isn’t an option, a private hosting provider for Remote Desktop, Accounting and other apps can help you reduce downtime.

A private hosting provider can help you:

• Go cloud fast with many of your current software solutions
• Integrate Apps
• Tailor a cloud environment to meet your needs now and after the crisis
• Maintain control over your data
• Connect your employees to the files, data and apps they need to keep the business running
• Pull up your email, manage your calendar, schedule staff meetings
• Make informed strategy decisions with real-time data insights from home

You don’t have to implement new technology to go cloud today. Contact CyberlinkASP today to discuss your options.