SSD Set to Eclipse HDD

SSD Set to Eclipse HDD

Solid state drives’ time has come at last, as SSDs will soon eclipse traditional hard disk drives in providing sufficient memory for remote desktop services and other applications requiring fast access to lots of memory.

Industry experts say SSD will surpass the capacity of HDDs in the coming year. The first 30 terabyte SSDs will likely hit the market within the next two years, while HDD capacity appears to be stuck around 10 TB. The price of SSDs is also plummeting. Over the past year, the price of SSDs has been in steady decline, and it won’t be much longer until very little distance remains between the cost of traditional HDDs and SSDs.

SSD offers a number of advantages over traditional electromechanical disk drives. SSD has lower seek times and latency, and offers users faster boot times. SSDs are also more robust than traditional HDDs and also work more quietly. While SSDs do have a finite number of write cycles, this does not put them at a competitive disadvantage, as HDDs also degrade over time.

Greater capacity and affordability for SSD means great things for services offering desktop virtualization, as the quick access to memory SSD provides can greatly aid these services in providing value to their customers.

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