Surprising BYOD Stats and Facts You Should Know

Surprising BYOD Stats and Facts You Should Know

COVID-19 has permanently changed work cultures and organizational structures across the country. Many workers have adjusted to remote life after nearly nine months of working from home, and many are enjoying the prospect of never needing to go into an office again. There are even signs of housing booms in formerly undesirable areas now that physical location no longer influences buying decisions.

Bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, is a workplace policy that allows employees to do work from devices that are not supplied by the company. Smartphones, personal computers, tablets, and other devices that can run necessary applications and software have all blurred the line between professional and personal life in a number of ways. In this post, we’ll explore both the benefits and drawbacks of BYOD in the workplace.

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Six Surprising Facts About BYOD

  1. BYOD is extremely profitable. Companies that allow employees to use their own devices enjoy approximately 240 hours of extra work per employee each year.
  2. Nearly 95% of businesses now allow BYOD in one form or another. The companies that don’t typically have security concerns and provide employees with company-owned devices.
  3. Support still lags behind popularity. Although the majority of companies allow BYOD, Crowd Research found that 50% of surveyed employees hadn’t received any instructions or information about a formal policy.
  4. That doesn’t mean that IT departments aren’t on board, though. A number of different studies, including one from Cisco, found that 69% of critical IT employees agreed that BYOD policies are a good move.
  5. Despite concerns, BYOD actually increases productivity. One study from Samsung Insights found that, on average, employees who used smartphones to support their workflow were 34% more productive than those who didn’t.
  6. The cost of BYOD problems can be significant. In 2012, a doctor who lost a laptop filled with sensitive information cost his company approximately $1.5 million in fines.

The Final Word

It’s clear that BYOD policies aren’t going anywhere. They’re good for business, good for employees, and are already so popular that it would be nearly impossible to put the genie back in the bottle.

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