Take Work with You on the Road

Take Work with You on the Road

Many people skip their family vacations because they don’t think they can miss the time away from work without ending up with a serious backlog when they return. Others just think they are indispensable, and their company would collapse without them.  Whichever one you are, fix the problem with remote desktop services.

Instead of disappointing your spouse and children by cancelling yet another family vacation, make arrangements to stay in touch while you travel. With remote desktop services, you can work on pressing items from any authorized device anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection. You’ll never be completely out of touch if your expertise is needed, but you can spend more time with the people you love, while not stressing over all that has to get done back at work.

Open Road

And, while remote desktop services are most often touted as a business service, while you’re on vacation can be a great time to use the system personally. Instead of risking the loss of those precious digital vacation photos, upload them remotely to your computer at home. Remote access for your home computers can also let you check up on your children’s computer use habits while you travel for work or for pleasure. Just login and check the browser history or verify that homework has been completed correctly, even if you couldn’t be there to help with it.

Though developed initially for work applications, the personal uses of remote access are just as diverse. More importantly, they may allow you to take part in some family activities, like homework proofing, even when work requires you to be hundreds of miles away.