Tech Terminology

Tech Terminology

In order to make educated decisions concerning the technology you use to manage your business, it’s important to understand at least some of the terminology used in describing the various functions and services the technology provides so that you can understand solutions like application hosting services that might host an application for your business.

Cloud Computing: This method of data management involves using remote servers to manage data as opposed to using in-house servers.

VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the use of a virtual machine to host a desktop operating system on a centralized server.

Remote Desktops: These desktops are hosted using cloud computing technology so that they can be accessed from anywhere.

ISV Published Apps: Independent Software Vendor(ISV) published apps allow apps to be delivered to more than one market so that customers can access the application from any location, during any time frame.

Data Security: The practice of keeping data secure so that it can only be accessed by those with permission to access it, rather than by anyone who knows it exists.

Network Monitoring: The practice of observing networks in order to manage them and keep the data they hold secure.

Application Service Provider: In this instance, a provider hosts an application used for any number of business needs. While they may not be the company who originally created the app, they are the ones who distribute it and manage the service that keeps it active.

When purchasing services for your business, don’t be afraid to ask questions about technological terms you may not understand. Professionals who work in this field know that if you knew everything there was to know about technology, you wouldn’t need their services to begin with.