The Benefits of a Data Center Facility

The Benefits of a Data Center Facility

Maintaining an on-site data center can be a costly and complex operation. Many companies are beginning to realize the benefits of off-site data centers. Before you invest in another server or sign a vendor contract, consider the many benefits of using an off-site data center service.


Servers can be very costly to maintain, and even more expensive to replace, in the event of a failure or natural disaster. If you do not have a functional backup server, the results could be disastrous for your business. An off-site data center can reduce your costs by storing your data for you, without fear of having to invest in new servers in order to keep your data stored efficiently.


When you store your data off-site, you can rest easy knowing that your proprietary information will always be safe. With 24-hour surveillance and security presence, unauthorized personnel will never have access to your information. Key card access adds an extra layer of security. You can also be confident that your data is safe from natural disasters. Buildings are capable of withstanding Category 4 storms, and each facility has backup generators and fire protection.

Employing these security features and data storage facilities on your own can be extremely cost-prohibitive, but using a data center service allows you to store all of your information safely and securely, at a price you and your company can afford. You will be able to store more information, without fear of losing data or assuming the cost of purchasing additional servers, making this a cost-effective approach to storing large amounts of data.