3 Basic Things You Should Know about Cloud Computing

3 Basic Things You Should Know about Cloud Computing

If you’re confused by cloud computing, you are definitely not alone. While this new type of technology may seem extremely complicated to you, it really can offer significant advantages over a traditional server/client architecture that you may currently have in place at your business. Below are a few points that may cause you to look closer at cloud computing sooner rather than later.

Refresh Old Equipment with Cloud Computing

Typically, upgrading servers and infrastructure can be extremely expensive. With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about these expenses. Sure, you pay a monthly fee for access to your cloud based machines and virtual desktops, but you are not responsible for expensive upgrades. This allows you to scale your business and not have to worry about hardware limitations.

Support More Users

Because cloud based servers are able to handle much larger loads than typical in-house servers, you often can support many more users after migrating your infrastructure to the cloud.

Free Up Staff to Work on Other Projects

If you are a small business owner, you likely have several people that have to drop what they are doing whenever there is an IT issue.  With an outsourced data center, you can leave all of the IT support to the pros and allow your employees to focus on doing their actual jobs, as opposed to having to put out “fires” on a regular basis.

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