3 Wi-Fi Boosting Tips

3 Wi-Fi Boosting Tips

Wireless Internet technology enables flexibility and convenience, but those benefits rely on the strength of the user’s Wi-Fi signal. Users who encounter problems with their Wi-Fi signals will encounter slow Internet speeds and difficulty using some cloud-based services such as desktop virtualization.

The great thing about Wi-Fi, when it works, is that it allows users to access the Internet just about anywhere. Wi-Fi service makes it convenient for workers to use their devices throughout an office building or remotely at home or in a bistro. Boosting Wi-Fi signal strength will help ensure that users get the most from their technology investment, and prevent frustrating slowdowns and problems with web-based software.

Enhance your Wi-Fi security. You’d be surprised at how many of your neighbors are catching a free ride on your weakly protected network. Regularly update your WPA password and use strong passwords to save your signal for yourself.

Close bandwidth hogging applications. Don’t try to run too many applications at once. Also, if other people in your home or office are running unnecessary applications, have them shut them down, as they can reduce your available bandwidth.

Installing DD-WRT firmware can help boost your Wi-Fi signal strength. There’s a small risk that it may harm your router, but most modern routers can accommodate an increase of around 70 mW without problems. DD-WRT firmware also will provide some solid security features and other tweaks.

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