Tips on How to Create a Strong Password

Tips on How to Create a Strong Password

Security today involves more than just locking your doors. In fact, today one of the most important security elements you can have is the password(s) that you use to access computers and online services. This is especially true when using virtual desktops, because you don’t want a co-worker to mistakenly be able to log in to your account.

Use Lots of Characters

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, tips when creating a password is to use plenty of characters. The recommended amount is 12, even if that’s not required. 12 is long enough to give you plenty of room for creativity, and it’s longer than most people attempt to type in.

Use Variety

You want something you can remember, but you also need to get creative about it. Make sure that your password uses numbers, special characters, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters. You can even replace letters with numbers to make it more difficult to guess the word. Just don’t make that the only element of variety you include.

Don’t Be Obvious

Using your birthday or a common phrase isn’t a good idea, but there are ways to incorporate those elements. For example, reverse your initials in lowercase with a special character in between them. Then, do the same with your birthdate. You can also string random words together so they don’t make sense, but do create a phrase you can easily remember. Remember that horrible apartment you rented in college? Use it to create a password like Soul_apartment_piT113, where 113 is the street number.

From virtual desktops to your home computer, it’s important to keep every element of your virtual world secure. This way you can save and use information the way you need to, without feeling like your important data will fall into a hacker’s hands. For more information about security and passwords, contact CyberlinkASP today.