Top Reasons Why Hosted Desktops Can Benefit Businesses

Top Reasons Why Hosted Desktops Can Benefit Businesses

Many businesses are looking to move their IT systems to a private cloud system, which is often referred to as either Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or Hosted Desktop Service. In this blog we’ll outline a few of the benefits of utilizing virtual desktops.

Cost Savings
When your company is able to utilize virtual desktops, you no longer have to worry about upgrading constantly outdated equipment. Aside from the cost of physical equipment, you can also reduce or eliminate the cost of IT staff by moving to a hosted solution.

Access Machines from Anywhere
With traditional computers it can be difficult to access your systems from afar. With remote desktop solutions, you instantly have access to your machines from anywhere. Whether you’re accessing your systems from your phone, tablet, or another computer, you’ll never be without access while away from your office.

Think about how long it takes to add an additional computer or piece of hardware to your existing network. With hosted virtual desktops, creating an additional workstation is as simple as clicking a button. Forget about all of the pain that comes along with upgrading hardware or increasing network bandwidth, and focus instead on partnering with a provider that can handle it all for you.

Increased Reliability
Small businesses typically don’t do a very good job of setting up backup procedures in case of disaster. For this reason a major data outage can spell disaster for a business of any size. When you’re using desktops hosted remotely, you don’t have to worry about hardware or software failure, due to the fact that the majority of hosting providers have strict backup procedures in place, so you’ll never lose any of your data.

Ready to Move Your IT Systems to the Cloud?
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