Two IT Trends You Can’t Miss in 2015

Two IT Trends You Can’t Miss in 2015

Does it seem like technology is changing at an unbelievable pace? Just when you think you understand the need for virtual desktops, you’re faced with scores of other trends that are sure to confuse you. If you’re looking to stay current when it comes to technological trends, read our top IT trends for 2015.


If you thought 2014 was the year of the mobile device, IT professionals are poised to put even more focus on mobility in 2015. With a recent Google algorithm change, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you could soon see a significant drop in traffic. Don’t sit by the sidelines as your competitors pick up your customers simply because your website is not optimized for mobile devices.


Look for companies to continue to find ways to automate common tasks in the corporate world. There’s no doubt that people as resources are expensive, so companies will look for ways to automate tasks that may be better suited for a computer to perform, as opposed to a person.


With the popularity of crowdsourcing, companies are now able to instantly flex based on market demands. Look for companies to use crowdsourcing in new ways to avoid having to hire full-time employees in favor of hiring subcontractors to handle a variety of monotonous tasks, which are easily repeatable.

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