What Is a Data Center?

What Is a Data Center?

A data center is a central storage location for a business’s critical data and proprietary information. This might involve an onsite server room with network servers and storage devices, or using a remote desktop server solution. The network servers are connected together with network cables so information is retrievable by the company’s employees from their workstations. Access to data is strongly guarded, and often requires some form of authentication and passwords to gain access by employees.

Does It Matter Where a Data Center Is Located?

In the past, most data centers were hosted onsite because Internet technologies were still relatively new. However, today, data centers can be located just about anywhere, so long as there is a secure Internet connection linking the network servers and storage devices with a business’s computers and workstations. In addition, there are numerous configurations for data centers, depending on the industry and company’s needs.

For instance, a company can choose to host its own onsite data center, host it offsite at a company owned facility, or outsource the data center to an offsite provider. Further, a business may decide to use a combination of data centers with some hosted onsite and others offsite. Having an offsite data center ensures the data is protected should the business experience an unexpected loss, such as a fire.

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