What to Look for in A Data Center

What to Look for in A Data Center

If you have decided to use an outside company to handle your application hosting, or other cloud based computing needs, you should be aware of what to look for in a data center. Some data centers may imply that they offer state of the art facilities, when in reality, they are nothing more than a few computers in a closet. It is important to keep the following items in mind before deciding on where to host your important corporate data:

What types of services are provided at the facility?

You should ask very direct questions about how the equipment is maintained and what types of cooling mechanisms are used to ensure that the equipment is always running at capacity. Data centers that do not have special cooling procedures should be dropped from your list immediately.

What types of clients does the data center serve?

When choosing where to host your data, it is important to know the types of companies that are hosted at your prospective data center. It is nice to know that all of the business that is being done at your data center is completely above board and will not reflect poorly on your company.

What types of backups occur at the facility?

Backups of your data are extremely important and are one of the main reasons why a data center could be a good option for many businesses. It is vitally important to know exactly how often backups occur and how often these backups are saved off site. This can help immensely should you ever need to access data that has been lost.

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