Who Needs Virtual Desktops?

Who Needs Virtual Desktops?

If you do not know what virtual desktops are, then you may have been living under a rock for the past few years.  Virtual machines are clusters of machines that can be enlarged or contracted at a moment’s notice.  These machines allow you to instantly create a brand new machine to run your business software with just a click of a button.  You can determine the size of the hard drive as well as how much RAM is being allocated to the system and what type of operating system you want to run.  All of this is easily configurable in a user friendly GUI.  You may not think that these machines are for you, but you would be surprised at the types of businesses that are using virtual machines today.


Many healthcare providers are turning to virtualization to handle their medical records.  Because HIPAA laws are so strict these days, it is important that all patient data be securely stored away from prying eyes.  With virtual machines you can store all data and even encrypt it to prevent potential hackers from gaining access to any compromising data.


Lawyers also have started to use virtual desktops because of their extreme flexibility.  With these machines hosted in the cloud, it has allowed lawyers to access their client records and files from anywhere.  With attorneys traveling around the world, many firms have looked to virtualization to allow for one central place where client records can be accessed.

Virtualization is a growing industry, especially in the business world.  As companies grow they should look to this new technology to help harness growth in a sustainable fashion.