Why Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Is Critical

Why Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Is Critical

Did you know that approximately 30% of workers admit to reusing personal account passwords at work? Even among workers who choose to use unique passwords on the job, many still reuse them multiple times. And no matter how complex your employees’ passwords are, they might not be a match for sophisticated hackers and other malicious software.

The underlying point is that although complex passwords were once an iron-clad security measure, they’re now more similar to a padlock that can be bypassed by determined intruders. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers an easy-to-implement solution that vastly improves security, but many companies haven’t yet implemented it into their security measures. Below, we’ll explain what MFA is, how it works, and address several common concerns employers have about implementing it.

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What Is Multi-Factor Authentication?

At its most basic level, multi-factor authentication is an extra security step used to verify that the user attempting to access a given system is authorized to do so. This typically involves accessing another user-authorized account, answering a pre-set security question, or using biometric elements. One of the most common examples of multi-factor authentication that you’ve probably experienced is the process of receiving a text message from your bank before you can log into your account.

Why Are Some Companies Concerned About Multi-Factor Authentication?

Although multi-factor authentication typically adds just seconds to the login process, there are two primary reasons why some companies have been slow to adopt it: perceived complexity and an unwillingness to explore the options.

As far as the former is concerned, multi-factor authentication quickly becomes part of the sign-on process for current employees and adds a minimal amount of time to the login process; the latter can be easily solved by offloading security concerns to an experienced company like CyberlinkASP that can help your company implement multi-factor authentication without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

It’s also worth considering whether the “hassle” of bypassing one extra security field is more stressful than dealing with a significant data breach that goes public and puts your company at risk of legal trouble.

The Bottom Line

No business is exempt from cyber attacks. Both large and small businesses are targeted frequently, and malicious third parties are only getting more sophisticated in their abilities to bypass security measures. Passwords are still a necessary security measure, but they’re no longer sufficient to provide peace of mind when the stakes are high.

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