Working from Home by the Numbers

Working from Home by the Numbers

We have all adjusted to working from home in the last couple of months with about 44% of all workers currently working from home full-time, according to a survey from Clutch research. This represents a 17% increase since the COVID-19 pandemic. Another 22% are working from home part-time. While these numbers aren’t exactly surprising it’s helpful to see them.

Now, let’s take a look at how working from home is effecting workers…

Eliminating Commuting is Workers’ Favorite Part of Working from Home

While the pandemic will likely have long-term impacts on the job market and economy, with many facing furloughs and layoffs, there are silver linings for those who are able to work from home.

About 47% of employees surveyed said that not having to commute is a benefit of working remotely and 43% said they are enjoying a more flexible schedule.

Collaboration Challenges were the Least Favorite Part of Working from Home

About 33% of survey respondents said that it is more difficult to collaborate with coworkers when teleworking.

While collaboration platforms allow screen shares, voice, chat and other key features to enable remote collaboration, workers have found that nothing replaces the ability to visit a coworker’s desk and ask questions or relay information directly.

Top Collaboration Tools Used while Working from Home

  • Zoom – 36%
  • Microsoft Teams – 19%
  • Skype – 17%

Staying Productive while Working from Home

While the technical side of remote working is more possible than ever, those of us who are accustomed to the routine of going into an office everyday might be in a slight state of shock. With that in mind we recently wrote a blog post with tips to keep your sanity and stay productive while working from home. Here are the top five tips:

Give yourself at least an hour between waking up and logging on

  1. Stick to your ordinary morning routine
  2. Create a break schedule for yourself
  3. Compartmentalize your workstation from your home
  4. Invest in your usual office supplies

Dive into these and more in this blog post: 7 Tips for Keeping your Sanity and Staying on Task While Teleworking

Create A Work From Home Policy For The Future

While some may be working onsite part-time and soon many will be returning to work full-time, others may be working from home permanently as businesses have realized many benefits of a remote workforce. Some businesses simply want to be prepared with a work from home policy in the event of future disasters or force majeure events. In any case, now is the time to establish a sustainable work from home policy for the future. Learn about some tips you can use to start creating your Work From Home Policy For The Future

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