Wyse Thin Clients: Reducing Cost and Data Security Risk

Wyse Thin Clients: Reducing Cost and Data Security Risk

Thin clients are changing the way that businesses think about their IT infrastructure. If you’re not already familiar with the term, “thin clients” are computers and other devices that operate using applications and resources stored remotely instead of relying on a physical hard drive located in the machine. There are numerous benefits of using thin clients in organizations of any size, but today, we’re looking at the benefits of Wyse thin clients in particular.

Wyse is a comprehensive and innovative line of thin client products developed by Dell. As experts with years in the cloud and desktop hosting industry, we couldn’t be more excited to see products like the Wyse thin clients making their way onto the market and into workplaces across the country.

Read on below to learn more about the benefits of integrating Wyse thin client technology into your workforce, and give CyberlinkASP a call to learn more about our affordable, secure, and fully scalable cloud and desktop hosting solutions that run flawlessly on Wyse products!

Affordable Devices for Every Workforce

Companies are becoming more and more comfortable with, and enthusiastic about, remote work. Studies show that employees are both happier and more productive when they have the freedom and flexibility to work remotely, and Wyse has options for both workforces that work from home and workers who get things done on the road. They’re also extremely affordable and easy to customize due to the fact that they don’t need the extra hardware required to physically store data and applications.

Common IT Pain Points Addressed

Security breaches are every IT department’s main concern. Given that many employees are working with sensitive information on the road and from their homes, it’s not unreasonable to assume that, at some point, a device will be lost or stolen. Wyse thin clients access data and applications stored in a remote cloud, meaning that if a device is lost, the technology is likely to be the company’s only loss.

Updates and other IT maintenance tasks are also common pain points that Wyse thin clients address. They offer instant access to uniformly updated applications, which means that your workforce won’t have to deal with incompatibilities between different versions of the same software. It also means that your IT department will have more time to focus on the big picture instead of the mundane details of day-to-day operations.

Options for Every Industry

Versatility is another major benefit of Wyse thin clients. While some thin clients are designed for a specific vertical, Wyse thin clients are perfectly suited for:

  • Healthcare organizations
  • Retail stores
  • Government organizations
  • Financial firms and departments
  • Schools, colleges, and universities

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