How Desktop and Cloud Hosting Benefit Law Firms

How Desktop and Cloud Hosting Benefit Law Firms

Whether you own and operate a law firm or you work in the legal profession more broadly, you have a better understanding than most of just how important it is to keep your technology current, efficient, and compliant. With more companies than ever before working remotely for the foreseeable future — or indefinitely — it’s important to explore options that can help your firm continue to work efficiently and effectively. In this post, we’ll examine a few of the ways in which cloud hosting is benefitting law firms.

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Three Ways Desktop Cloud Hosting Could Benefit Your Law Firm


Efficiency is a cornerstone of any successful business, and law firms are no exception. Your employees need to be able to access client information, transfer documents securely, and collaborate with each other effectively during the workday. CyberlinkASP’s services provide you and your firm with instant access to the documents and information you need, no matter where you are. Whether it’s from a car, plane, inside the courthouse, or home, you’ll never have to worry about accessing critical data and applications.

Device Security

The days of working from a single desktop computer are long behind us. You and your team work from smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices that all need to be flexible enough to ensure accessibility and secure enough to help you avoid liability. Securing each and every device your team uses isn’t just inefficient — it’s next to impossible if you have more than a handful of employees. CyberlinkASP’s virtual desktop hosting and other services provide a convenient, low-cost way to ensure that each device your team uses is uniformly secure and protected from outside threats.


Complying with the latest laws and regulations isn’t just an optional aspect of a risk reduction plan — compliance is required by law and, like many other rules and regulations, changes frequently due to advancements in technology. Partnering with CyberlinkASP allows you to delegate the burdensome work of keeping your software up-to-date to our team of experts. We have extensive experience with SSAE 18 compliance and many other security regulations that can be difficult and expensive to implement on your own.

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