Law Firm IT: Why a Cloud Decision Is Actually a Compliance Decision

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Law Firm IT: Why a Cloud Decision Is Actually a Compliance Decision

Security, compliance, and reliability are three of the most important qualities every law firm and legal department’s IT resources should exemplify, but they aren’t easy to achieve, especially on their own. In this post, we’ll explain why a decision to move your firm’s IT infrastructure to the cloud is actually a decision to put compliance first while also improving security and ensuring reliability.

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Why Cloud Hosting Is Becoming More Common In the Legal Industry

It’s not uncommon for law firms and legal departments to make the switch to cloud hosting services from a reputable provider if they’re working with a client in a highly regulated industry. GLBA, HIPAA, and other common regulations can be a headache to understand and even more complicated to implement. You may even find your firm needing to seek outside legal counsel and advice about how you can keep your organization compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. However, outsourcing compliance work in a piecemeal manner will end up costing your organization more money each time you need to update your policies or meet a new security threshold.

Cloud hosting with a company like CyberlinkASP allows you to offload both compliance and IT concerns to a group of experts who understand the needs of clients in the legal industry. We’re SSAE 18 certified, which means that we meet the compliance and security standards set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We’ve done all of the research and heavy lifting in order to ensure that our clients can feel confident about their decision to partner with us.

We also make it easy to streamline, secure, and scale your IT infrastructure through our desktop hosting services. We can provide your entire team with the applications you currently use without any of the unnecessary programs that slow down traditional machines. We’ll provide your entire team with up-to-date versions of the software needed to collaborate with team members and focus on complex cases, allowing you to give your clients your firm’s full attention.

CyberlinkASP also offers 24/7, 365 monitoring with a 100% data recovery guarantee. If your firm does come under attack or a breach occurs, our team will be there immediately to solve the problem.

The Bottom Line

Law firms and legal departments have plenty of responsibilities to track — compliance doesn’t need to be one of them. Just as attorneys delegate research and other responsibilities to legal assistants in order to save time and devote more of their attention to clients, your organization should delegate its IT and compliance needs to a company that’s worked with clients in the legal industry for years so that you can devote your resources to bigger priorities.

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